Herbal/Ayurveda Range

Aayurveda Foli hair
Aayurveda Online Foli

Very effective in increasing hair growth makes them stronger, also makes the skin glowing smooth & healthy.

Payal Herbal Henna

100% Natural solution to reduce hair loss, improve hair quality and get an everlasting shine. Each packet contains 500 Gm of Herbal Henna.

Face Cleanser
Payal Herbal Shampoo

Buy Payal Herbal Shampoo to get strong and beautiful hair. No side effects too!

Payal Herbal Hair Oil

100% Herbal Hair oil for all types of hair. Payal Herbal Hair Oil is a blend of carefully selected some herbs

payal herbal facepack
Sage Herbal Acne Control Face Cleanser

Sage Herbal Acne Control Face Cleanser is best suited for your skin because it do not aggravate skin problems.

Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Deeply Cleans Oil, Dirt From Pores And Allows Moisture To Be Absorbed Into The Skin.

Carrot Cream
Sage Herbals Carrot Cream

A natural moisturizer rich in antioxidants Sage Herbals Carrot Cream is a perfect solution for younger looking skin.

Sage Herbals Aloe Face Wash

Sage Aloe Face Wash is a unique combination of nourishing aloe vera and the Turmeric extract.

Moisture Lotion
Sage Herbals Moisture Lotion

Sage Aloevera & Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion Repair skin with natural intensive care.

payal herbal facepack
Payal Herbal Facepack

Payal Herbal Facepack is best suited for your skin because it do not aggravate skin problems. A 100% herbal solution for a healthy, rejuvenated and glowing skin.

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